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Servicing Indie Business Locally!

Joe King Media is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Providing Brand Advice, Graphics And Marketing Solutions.

First lets blend all that we know about your brand and industry to make your business look commuted to excellence.

Than lets share that excellence with your target audience!

"I take pride in helping your small business appear in the most professional manor and get discovered."

~ Yusif King

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Join in on the fun as we play video games with our fans! Our artist loves to engage with fans!

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We take the time to teach graphic design for free live on the internet!

"We are all about investing in the future! "

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Our Youtube is dedicated to behind the scenes, Pilots, Experimentation, and a customer delivery system!

Click the link to investigate our past and present in Traditional & Digital Art.

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I love to collaborate on a bran and follow through with a myriad of complementary assets for marketing. My experience goes as far back as I could type my own name on a keyboard. At the age of 13, I started by designing a logo, dine-in menu, take-out menu, and a website, for my parents' restaurant. This led me to pursue post secondary in art. Consecutively, I went to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (2012) then Pixel Blue (2014). From that point on besides freelance and contract based work, I continue to enjoy my other love; Culinary Art!

Featured: Branches & Greenland Dining Room Show-Reel

Branches Dining Room Showreel